The Hierophant has a variey of book titles to satisfy your hunger for knowledge and to ignite your passion for seeking health and wholeness in life.

Discover ways to enrich your body, mind and spirit by taking time to explore our diverse book collection covering topics in natural healing, spirituality and metaphysics, astrology, yoga, nutrition, relationships and many other interesting subjects.

Best Sellers

The Crystal Bible

By: Judy Hall
Cost:  $29.95 / each, plus postage.

A definitive guide to more than 200 crystals. The are 2 volumes in this collection.

The Body is the barometer of the soul

By: Annette Noontil
Cost: 21.95, plus postage.

This book shows you the simple way to change your thoughts to change your body. Discover how the body reacts to your thoughts and situations and how to change negatives into healthy positives.

The Power of Now

By: Eckhart Tolle
Cost: $22.95, plus postage.

The Power of Now is one of those rare books with the power to create an experience in readers – one that can radically change their lives for the better. Eckhart Tolle is emerging as one of today’s most inspiring teachers.

In The Power of Now the author describes his transition from despair to self-realisation soon after his 29th birthday. Tolle took another 10 years to understand this transformation, during which time he evolved a philosophy that has parallels in Buddhism, relaxation techniques and meditation theory but is also eminently practical.

In The Power of Now he shows readers how to recognise themselves as the creators of their own pain, and how to have a pain-free existence by living fully in the present. Accessing the deepest self, the true self, can be learned, he says, by freeing ourselves from the conflicting, unreasonable demands of the mind and living ‘present, fully and intensely, in the Now.

The Life you were born to live

By: Dan Millman
Cost: $29.99, plus postage.

Dan Millman presents an entirely new way of understanding life and the forces that shape it. The Life-Purpose System, a modern method of personal growth based on ancient wisdom, has helped thousands of people find new meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives.

The Life You Were Born to Live features: * the thirty-seven paths of life * how to determine your life path and the life paths of others * core issues, inborn talents, and special needs of each path, including ….* health, money, and sexualityguidelines for finding a career consistent with your innate drives and abilities* the hidden dynamics of your relationships* how to live in harmony with the cycles of lifeThe Life-Purpose System explores key spiritual laws universal principles specific to each life path that help you clarify the past, understand the present, and shape the future.

It can generate a quantum leap in self-understanding and may even change the course of your life.

Consciousness the new currency

By: Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett
Cost: $28.00, plus postage.

In this groundbreaking, inspiring and interactive book, Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett take your on a powerful journey which will explode the limiting paradigms that have kept you from experiencing unbridled fulfilment in your life. Step by step, the practical, effective process work will clear the fear-consciousness, emotional blocks and deeply-held negative beliefs that have compromised your ability to manifest healthy abundance.

The unique and liberating teachings open you directly into your own boundless potential, effortlessly guiding you to manifest limitless abundance in your career, health, relationships, creativity – financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually – on all levels of being.

This work will radically liberate you. It will give you conscious, skilful tools to manifest wholesome abundance in your own life and the means to be part of the wave of awakening and transformation our world needs. This is your invitation to say “yes” to your own greatness – to a new form of abundance-consciousness, one that is as fulfilling personally as it is integrative globally.

Eat Pray Love

By: Elizabeth Gilbert
Cost: $24.95, plus postage.

This is a travelogue of spiritual seeking. Novelist and journalist Elizabeth Gilbert is recovering from divorce and depression., and at age 34 heads off for a year to Italy, India and Indonesia. She writes, “I wanted to explore one aspect of myself set against the backdrop of each country, in a place that has traditionally done that one thing very well.

“I wanted to explore the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two.

The secret language of your body

By: Inna Segal
Cost: $34.95, plus postage.

The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Healing is a comprehensive guide to healing. In this long-awaited book, Inna Segal unveils the secrets to understanding the messages of your body and reveals the underlying mental, emotional and energetic causes of physical symptoms and medical conditions.

Inna offers a unique, step-by-step method to assist in returning your body to its natural state of health. Inna encourages you to connect with your innate healing intelligence, call on your body’s in-built ability to heal itself, and gently guides you on a journey of life changing transformation and empowerment. The Secret Language of Your Body is an essential reference guide for traditional and alternative health practitioners.

A New Earth

By: Eckhart Tolle
Cost: $26.95, plus postage.

This is the follow up to the bestselling self-help book of its generation The Power of Now. Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth will be a cornerstone for personal spirituality and self-improvement for years to come, leading readers to new levels of consciousness and inner peace. Taking off from the introspective work The Power of Now, which is a number one bestseller and has sold millions of copies worldwide, Tolle provides the spiritual framework for people to move beyond themselves in order to make this world a better, more spiritually evolved place to live. Shattering modern ideas of ego and entitlement, self and society, Tolle lifts the veil of fear that has hung over humanity during this new millennium, and shines an illuminating light that leads to happiness and health that every reader can follow

The Magician’s Way

By: William Whitecloud
Cost: $24.95, plus postage.

Mark Vale is besieged by financial and marital turmoil when he meets a group of contemporary alchemists. They take him on an astonishing journey and teach him to transform difficult situations into golden opportunities. Mark learns from wonderfully unlikely characters, from a billionaire to a beautiful topless waitress, and manifests an enormous financial windfall.

But can his material success hold his family together? Mark embarks on the ultimate quest to understand how our values influence events. Author William Whitecloud brings a dazzling range of knowledge and experience – from a childhood in Swaziland immersed in supernatural worldviews to hermetic philosophy and esoteric speculation on the financial markets – to bear on this practical and magical look at what we really want, and how to get it

You can heal your Life

By: Louise Hay
Cost: $29.95, plus postage.

The key message in this powerful work is: If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed. Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinkingand improve the quality of your life! Packed with powerful information and beautiful four-color illustrations you’ll love this gem of a book


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