Aconite may help where there is fever, inflammation, pain and sometimes a dry cough. Symptoms come on suddenly after exposure to cold or heat, especially cold, dry wind.  There is agitation and restlessness and intolerance of pain. Skin is hot and dry and there is a desire for cold water. Symptoms are worse at night.

Please seek advice from your health care provider


Potencies Available: 12x,3c,6c,12c,30c

For 200c or M potencies please give us the name of your homeopath

Pillules    Price   Pillules   Price
Bag of 20     $5  Vial (approx 100 pilules)   $11
Bag of 30     $6   15ml Bottle (approx 250 pilules)   $22
1/2  Vial (approx 60 pilules)     $9  






 25 ml   $10    
 50 ml   $15    
100 ml  $20    
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